A Car Accident Lawyer Jacksonville Can Help You Build a Personal Injury Claim

Accidents can be frightening experiences and leave victims with medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering. A Jacksonville car accident lawyer will help victims build a personal injury claim against those at fault in order to receive fair compensation from those at fault.

Your attorney will identify the duty of care owed by the other driver, then demonstrate any breaches to this obligation – from obvious ones like reckless driving to more subtle ones like distraction.

Medical Treatment

Car accident injuries can have long-term repercussions that compromise quality of life, not to mention being expensive to treat and incurring medical bills and damages as a result. With an attorney on your side, though, compensation for these losses should become easier to secure.

Medical expenses are an integral component of any accident claim, yet no assurance exists that the other party’s insurer will cover them. Treatment you undergo and your health history are key elements when calculating how much compensation may be available to you.

Your personal injury attorney can help you assess the total value of your claim, including medical expenses. However, this figure will depend on whether or not the accident was no-fault or at-fault and will affect what kind of damages can be recovered from them.

After any crash, it’s essential that you visit a physician immediately after. A complete medical examination can uncover hidden injuries such as soft tissue damage or internal bleeding, while also creating a medical record linking your injuries with the accident, which will be necessary if negligence claims arise against those at fault.

If you have been injured in a Jacksonville car accident, it is crucial that you contact an experienced attorney immediately. A good car accident lawyer can guide you through the complex process of filing an insurance claim or lawsuit while helping negotiate an equitable settlement agreement.

Hastings Injury Law Firm of Florida represents victims of car, truck, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents as well as wrongful death cases. Their team of attorneys helps clients recover damages such as lost wages, vehicle repairs, medical bills and ongoing care, pain and suffering and more from large insurance companies. Their free consultations and services come in English and Spanish for their convenience; while its website features information about its attorneys, practice areas and recent cases.

Lost Wages

Many Americans rely on paycheck-to-paycheck living, and missing even one or two days of work could put them into financial difficulty. A car accident attorney can assist in calculating lost wages and seeking compensation from those responsible.

Based on your injuries, you may also be entitled to recover other damages such as the costs associated with purchasing an assistive device or attending physical therapy sessions. Include this expense when filing your insurance claim or personal injury suit against an at-fault driver.

Car accident claims can be complicated to prove the full extent of injuries sustained in an incident, so having a strong Jacksonville car accident lawyer on your side is essential to the process. Your attorney can investigate the crash scene and gather any physical evidence such as eyewitness accounts or traffic camera recordings as well as damage to vehicles involved in the incident.

Reputable car accident lawyers will also collect and review your medical documentation, such as doctor’s notes, prescriptions, bills for therapy sessions or treatment, etc. This data can help the lawyer assess the extent of your injuries in support of any compensation claims you make against their services.

While waiting to return to work, bills for housing, utilities, and food may start piling up quickly. PIP insurance claims may provide partial relief; however, their amount may be limited. Working with an attorney from our car accident law firm may help ensure you pursue full compensation from any at-fault drivers through either liability bodily injury claims or lawsuits.

Drivers that cause accidents could have been distracted while on the road by texting, eating, applying makeup or fiddling with the radio; this puts all road users at risk and necessitates filing a liability suit against these reckless individuals; but this process could take months or years before any compensation comes through.

An experienced car accident attorney has the resources and experience necessary to fight for maximum compensation for your injuries, including compensatory and non-compensatory damages. At Campione Law in Jacksonville, our car accident attorney is well equipped to represent anyone involved in any type of auto accident from rear-end collisions to hit-and-run incidents.

Pain & Suffering

Car accident injuries can have devastating, long-lasting repercussions for your quality of life, both emotionally and physically. Their pain, suffering, and damages include mental distress, loss of enjoyment of life, economic anguish, etc. To recover compensation for these losses from those responsible, consult a lawyer.

Experienced car accident attorneys can represent your interests against insurance adjusters that attempt to pay out as little as possible for injuries caused in car accidents. A legal professional will level the playing field and make sure you receive maximum compensation allowed under Florida law for injuries and other damages sustained as a result of accidents.

Jacksonville car accident lawyers can be of invaluable assistance as you gather evidence against the other driver for causing the collision, such as physical evidence like skid marks, accident scene photos and recordings from traffic cameras, eyewitness testimony, etc. Additionally, they will help identify additional damages available under state no-fault insurance laws and help collect them on your behalf.

If the accident involved a commercial vehicle like a truck, assigning liability can be more complex. Truck-on-car collisions tend to be more catastrophic and involve multiple parties with differing insurance policies – making the task of finding compensation much harder. A Jacksonville attorney familiar with trucking laws will review your case thoroughly to ensure you receive adequate compensation.

McGrath Gibson Law Office provides legal services in personal injury, family and criminal matters. Their firm assists car accident victims to build personal injury claims against at-fault parties to recover damages that cover hospital bills and other expenses associated with an injury. Clients of our law firm include those involved in hit-and-run car accidents, drunk driving crashes and uninsured/underinsured motorist claims. We have experience representing both veterans and active-duty personnel alike in cases relating to auto accidents. Clients of Christopher David Campione Law Group may receive representation through mediation, arbitration and jury trials. With three offices across Florida including one in Jacksonville and accepting credit cards as payment methods. Christopher has over four decades of legal experience to draw upon as a partner at this firm.


Many car accident victims suffer serious impacts and losses after being involved in an accident, including medical treatment costs, lost income opportunities, property damage repairs and pain and suffering. An experienced Jacksonville car accident lawyer could help them get compensated for these expenses.

An experienced car accident attorney can assist their client in filing a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance provider to recoup compensation for injuries and financial losses sustained as a result of their collision. Furthermore, these lawyers could represent them during any trial or arbitration hearing to ensure their rights remain protected throughout this process.

Establishing liability in a car accident case often involves gathering physical evidence such as skidmarks on the roadway and impact marks on involved vehicles, along with eyewitness testimony from witnesses involved in the crash. An experienced car accident attorney would know how best to collect this evidence, file suit against those at fault and present their arguments to a jury.

Florida law mandates drivers carry personal injury protection (PIP) insurance to cover medical bills and related costs in case of an accident regardless of who caused it; however, PIP doesn’t cover every aspect of damages sustained, such as mental anguish and physical pain suffered by victims.

Car accidents that result in serious trauma to victims, such as those that cause traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries, may alter their lives forever. They may require years of rehabilitation therapy, costly prescription medication and ongoing expenses.

An experienced car accident lawyer could negotiate with the at-fault party’s insurance provider to reach an equitable settlement that fully compensates their client’s damages. They could also assist their client in filing suit against both themselves and their opponent to ensure maximum compensation is secured.

Edwards & Ragatz of Jacksonville’s car accident attorneys are committed to fighting for our clients to receive the maximum financial compensation. From investigating the scene of the crash to negotiating with insurance providers and preparing for trial, our legal team offers all-encompassing representation. Contact us now for a complimentary consultation session!

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