New York Construction Accident Lawyer

Accidents on construction sites are serious matters with devastating repercussions for both victims and their loved ones. Serious injuries sustained can have lasting ramifications for their quality of life as well as that of their family members.

An New York construction accident lawyer can assist victims in recovering compensation for losses such as medical bills and income lost as the result of an accident, either through filing a workers‘ compensation claim or personal injury suit.

What to Look for in a Lawyer

Construction workers face numerous risks that can result in serious injuries. While workers‘ compensation benefits may provide partial coverage of damages caused by accidents, oftentimes filing a personal injury suit against those responsible is the only sure way of receiving adequate and fair compensation for those hurt in an accident is the only sure way. A skilled New York construction accident lawyer can assist injured parties understand their options.

The Orlow Firm has extensive knowledge of New York’s complex labor laws and has assisted countless clients in receiving money to cover medical bills or expenses. Each case is different; so our strategy will be tailored specifically to you and we work tirelessly on behalf of every client to secure what they deserve – money!

New York construction accident victims may also recover damages for pain and suffering and disfigurement from their accident, with legal assistance provided to help determine their losses by reviewing details about their incident and reviewing medical records. Furthermore, construction accident victims can often pursue punitive damages that aim to punish the party who caused it for their actions.

Construction accident victims requiring legal assistance to file the necessary paperwork and meet deadlines can enlist the services of an experienced New York construction accident attorney to file their personal injury suit in time. While generally three years are provided for filing such suits, other exceptions may exist that shorten this timeline significantly – missed deadlines could bar your chances of recovering the compensation you need and deserve.

Construction sites are dangerous places, and injuries sustained while working there can have lasting repercussions that affect your quality of life. From permanent injuries that prevent you from working to having to leave home due to chronic pain – our attorneys know New York labor laws inside out and will do everything in their power to secure maximum compensation for you and your injuries.

Determining Liability

Construction workers face numerous risks each day, some of them with serious and long-term implications. If you’ve been injured in a construction accident, compensation must be obtained fairly and identifying who caused it can be challenging; that is where a Manhattan construction accident attorney comes in handy.

Workers compensation benefits are available to construction workers in general. These cover medical treatment, lost wages, and survivor benefits in the event of fatal construction accidents. But an experienced New York construction accident lawyer may help file a suit against third-party liability – including property owners, general contractors and equipment manufacturers.

In some instances, third parties could be at fault for your construction accident if they have violated their legal obligations under the law. This includes failing to ensure construction sites are free from hazards such as unsafe working conditions or dangerous equipment and that all workers receive proper training on any machinery or equipment they will be permitted to use before being permitted to do so.

Your Manhattan construction accident lawyer will be able to identify which section of the NYC Labor Code applies in your case and identify parties who could be held liable for your injuries. This could include property owners who knew about a hazardous condition on their land but failed to address it, general contractors responsible for safety on-site or subcontractors hired specifically to perform certain aspects of a project, equipment manufacturers responsible for its design or manufacture that caused your accident, among others.

No matter who is to blame for your construction accident, an experienced Manhattan construction accident lawyer can negotiate with their respective insurance providers to secure you the maximum compensation available to you. They will ensure that your rights are upheld throughout this process of seeking justice for yourself.

Filing a Notice of Claim

When injured on a construction site, workers may require legal action in order to receive the compensation they require. This may involve filing suit against those at fault while meeting all deadlines and laws – failure to do so could compromise their rightful compensation rights and deny them justice.

In cases against government entities, there may be unique rules. Many statutes require that these entities be given advance notice of potential claims (known as a „notice of tort“) prior to being sued; specific details vary by jurisdiction but typically encompass an exact timeframe (often as little as 90 days) within which notice must be sent out.

Notification can be filed either personally or through registered/certified mail and should be addressed to those designated by law to serve on behalf of a public corporation, whether this be their supervisor, attorney, or someone else.

Cases against private entities tend to be simpler. Still, early consultation with a New York construction accident lawyer may be advantageous as the entity may need to investigate your incident right away and ensure witnesses‘ memories stay fresh and documents and evidence remain safe from destruction.

Anytime someone sustains an on-the-job injury, they should notify their employer as soon as possible in order to protect the victim’s rights and give their employer an opportunity to address any safety concerns that contributed to it. This way, both parties involved can work towards mitigating further incidents.

In most instances, in order to be heard by the courts and receive compensation for damages sustained from an at-fault party in an accident, personal injury lawsuits against them must be filed within three years from when it occurred (known as „statute of limitations“). Otherwise, their damages won’t be recovered so any injury victim should contact a New York construction accident lawyer immediately so as to understand their options and file their lawsuit within that timeframe.


If a construction accident victim’s claim has been denied by their insurance provider, they will need to file an appeal with the New York Workers‘ Compensation Board. This process can be lengthy and complex and may require assistance from a legal expert who can ensure paperwork is filed accurately, deadlines are met, and that an appeals hearing takes place as effectively as possible.

An experienced New York construction accident attorney will help you recover the maximum compensation for your injuries, such as past and future lost earnings, pain and suffering and loss of consortium. In order to accurately calculate these losses, our legal team employs economic experts who examine tax returns, employment wage records and any lost union benefits such as health insurance policies in order to calculate losses accurately.

Additionally, our attorneys can seek compensation for both physical and emotional injuries to you, including past and future pain and suffering, disfigurement and diminished quality of life. These claims can be proven through medical reports as well as testimony from treating physicians. Furthermore, emotional anguish and loss of consortium can be demonstrated using witnesses such as spouses and children as supporting evidence.

Due to our years of experience, we possess the resources needed to effectively represent injured construction workers and their family members. If a fatal accident does occur, we also can assist families in filing a wrongful death suit against third parties such as property owners or equipment manufacturers and seek damages on their behalf.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a construction accident in New York, don’t wait. Get in touch with us immediately so we can provide free consultation and work on a contingency fee basis – meaning no payment until we win your case! Reach out now by calling us on (212) 663-6100 or filling out our online form; we look forward to speaking with you and have offices located across Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx Long Island Westchester County!

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